Are hormone imbalances the reason for your health issues?
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Restore Your Hormonal Balance

Isn't time you felt at ease with your health?
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Reduces Hot Flashes & Discomfort

Used to treat hormone imbalances related to temperature fluctuations. It’s about improving your quality of life.

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Improves Sleep & Insomnia

Known to relieve  the symptoms of poor sleep or insomnia caused by age related hormone changes.

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Enhances Mood & Memory

Helps to decrease the effects of cognitive decline while you age and keeps your brain healthy and happy.

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Addresses Vaginal Dryness

Effectively improves vaginal lubrication and restores elasticity thus enabling you to enjoy your sexuality once again.

Renew Hope in Your Ability to Feel Good Again…

While Receiving Professional Guidance That Works!

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How BHRT Will Transform Your Life

with Dr. Belej-Rak
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Transformation #1: Your APPEARANCE

One of the reasons your appearance changes as you age is the change in your hormones. BHRT treatments reduce wrinkles by increasing collagen and reversing thinning, sparse hair and dry skin – giving you a more youthful appearance naturally.

Transformation #2: Your BLADDER

As your hormones change with age, this can affect your bladder function and lead to embarrassing situations of urine leakage in certain settings. BHRT has been shown to improve and even cure these bladder symptoms, as well as bladder infections. Enjoy a full night’s rest without having to get up to use the bathroom!

Transformation #3: Your BRAIN

BHRT promotes healthy sleep patterns which are needed for your brain to function properly, as well as for restoring mental functioning and memory. You’ll feel sharp and more capable of dealing with life’s daily stresses.

Transformation #4: Your SEX LIFE

Enjoy the passions of your youth once again as you reignite the flame with a loved one. BHRT increases both your desire and endurance for a meaningful and enjoyable sex life. People who enjoy sex into their twilight years are known to live longer happier lives.

Transformation #5: Your BODY

Staying healthy as you age means having the best body you can. BHRT changes fat to lean muscle mass, decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, increases bone density and bone mass, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis. You will maintain great mobility and have better heart health.

Transformation #6: Your HAPPINESS

Happiness is an often over looked component of health but is most important as you age. BHRT improves your general mood so you are happier and healthier in your attitudes towards life.

Transformation #7: Your HEALTH

In general your whole health will improve with BHRT because balance will be restored to your hormone system which is a vital part of your well-being. Without the proper levels of certain hormones your health can be drastically affected.

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" Wanted to send you a personal note thanking you for all your help. We are so thankful for having had such a supportive doctor such as yourself Dr. Belej Rak. We really appreciate the personal touch you had in our care, how you listened to our concerns. From the bottom of our hearts, you deserve a big thank you. You are an excellent doctor."

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" Dr Belej Rak has the best bedside manner of any medical professional we have ever been to. She treated us with the utmost respect and compassion and was very thorough in her care. She was excellent at retrieving all the eggs! It’s because of her that we have our two beautiful children. Thank you dearest Dr Belej Rak, you are an angel."

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" Dr BR is the best!! We are now a little over 4 weeks pregnant after our first round of ivf through anova fertility. We received a funded treatment. Dr and her staff is extremely professional and I really love this clinic. thank you dr BR, Karen, tatiana and the rest of the fabulous team!!! Xoxo"

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" Glad that I have a gynecologist who seems to care. She is doing her job with a perfect responsibility . she is very assiduous. I wish I had changed from my old gynecologist sooner. I will continue to see Dr. Belej-rak."

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" A totally invested, caring doctor who cares about her patients and their families holistically. So grateful to have met her. We are now expecting our first little boy thanks to her care and help."

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